Two Lovers Tangle

11:38 p.m.

This diary started as an epic tale of Ben and Anna, two lovers, separated by time, distance and space. The story is told by NiciM, who occasionally tells you something about herself as well.

Ben and Anna met in 1978 - spring, across a dance floor. Her friend said he couldn't be gotten - many girls had tried. She asked him to dance and they danced, and they lunched, they played darts, they sat in the park and talked. They rode in his VW convertible. And they waited. For she was married, couldn't leave, and would not cross the boundaries. ("Did you leave for me?" "No my love, I left for me.")

He took her to "Oh Calcutta" and they went home and made love for the first time. And she fell in love with him, as he had fallen in love with her from the first time he saw her on the dance floor. And he left her. She kept his notes, his cards, his letters and pictures in a special box - not thinking too hard about him because it hurt too much.

He called her six years later. I need to see you. She did, then he did, and she did again. But she lived 1000 miles away, with new responsibilities, and the memories of the past haunted her. He wouldn't (couldn't?) ask, but she grasped at hope. And again he left her. She asked for her letters, her notes, her cards. And she discarded everything. It was over, it was done. And she couldn't think too hard about him, because the loss of him seared her very soul.

In 2002 she wrote him. I want to talk to you again. He said - see me. And she did. And they still cared, and they still loved. And even when he said you will always be my One, she realized he would never, ever, be able to say "Come to Me". And she was, at last, able to leave him.

And her one True Love, the One who had been waiting all those years for the right time, believed she was finally really ready and came to claim her.

Gabriel and Anna found each other in June of 2005. And she fell deeply in love. But a love built of lies, like a House of Cards, cannot stand.

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