101 Things You Know You Want To Know

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I did this eons ago, and am just now getting around to posting it. It makes a nice intro to the weekend, don’t you think? Enjoy!!

1. I was born in the evening.
2. I was the first living child of my parents who had lost several before me, including one that was born dead. Her name was Carolyn. I have no idea where she was buried.
3. I had chicken pox when I was 6 months old. My mother force fed me water and I have never been able to tolerate the taste of tap water.
4. Two years ago I found Fiji water and for the first time – I drink water! (is it the taste or the cute bottles?)
5. I have one sister, 21 months younger, and we are complete and absolute opposites in looks, demeanor, and attitude. We haven’t spoken for ten years.
6. When I was 12 I beat up the son of the local sheriff for picking on my sister. He wore a cape and thought he was Superman
7. Every time I go into the woods I get poison ivy, but I still go into the woods.
8. My parents sent me to Red Cross swimming lessons at the local pool when I was five. I was afraid to put my head in the water.
9. As a teenager I was on the swim team during the summer months. Three years in a row I swam 100 miles. That’s 3200 lengths of the pool.
10. When I was a child I wasn’t allowed to get dirty.
11. I have never broken a bone – but I had to wear bedroom slippers to my Confirmation because I cracked my little toe against a bookcase.
12. Four weeks after I began working on this entry, I broke my big toe. Karma?
13. I am an atheist, but believe all living things have a life essence which recycles.
14. I do not like hotdogs, and never have.
15. I hated steak until I was 19 years old and was introduced to the concept of “rare” and “broiled” and Filet Mignon.
16. When my daughter was 13 I dated a guy who didn’t eat red meat. She has not eaten red meat since.
17. I love to play cards. Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Canasta, Gin, Hand and Foot. And I usually win.
18. I like to win at everything, but I won’t cheat.
19. I do not know how to play Poker.
20. In the winter I drink a lot of tea, with cream and sugar, like the Europeans.
21. Indian Chai, discovered during my trips there, is my favorite and the easiest to prepare can be found at Trader Joe’s.
22. I’m afraid of heights, but do it anyway.
23. I didn’t ride a roller coaster until I was 36 years old. Now I love them.
24. I was bullied in grade school by the daughter of the town doctor. She finally stopped when I fought back, threw her on the ground, got her in a leg lock and pulled out her hair. She admitted later that she always believed nobody liked her. Gee, ya wonder why!
25. My best friend in grade school was a boy. I caught cold easily and did not go outside for recess. We played chess instead, starting in 2nd Grade.
26. Thinking back on him – I think he was gay, but he has never come to a class reunion so I’ve never seen him since.
27. I have never felt funny around gay men or women, but I don’t like queens – the look-at-me in-your-face part of the gay world.
28. I love ice cream, but rarely eat it in the winter.
29. I chill easily, and carry a sweater or jacket with me at all times for restaurants, stores, and other overly air-conditioned environments.
30. My dream is to live on a beach and never have to spend a winter in the cold again.
31. I’ve always needed living space and even when I was dirt poor never lived in a one-bedroom apartment.
32. Buying a home on my own convinced me I was a grown-up.
33. I’ve always been extremely good at accounting – and lousy at math.
34. I could read before I was in kindergarten, but nobody taught me.
35. The first book I remember reading on my own was a paperback Reader’s Digest.
36. I read most of Ian Fleming’s “James Bond” books in their original release.
37. I adore Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey and Laura Joh-Rowland, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Peter David.
38. I want to live long enough to witness the first contact with alien life-forms. What a hoot it will be to prove we should have kept up the space program.
39. I adore St. Louis style pizza – which uses a special cheese called “Provel”, a unique blend of Cheddar, Swiss and Provelone cheeses. You can’t get it anywhere else in the world.
40. Rigazzi’s is the best Italian restaurant on “The Hill”, no matter what anyone else says.
41. The 1975 St. Louis Cardinal football team was a thing of beauty. Jim Hart passed 2500 yards, Mel Gray and Terry Metcalf ran for almost 1000 yards and 11 touchdowns each, and 8 members made the Pro-Bowl. Washington Redskins suck.
42. I lost my virginity at 15.
43. Everyone thought I was going to finish high school, go to college, and marry the boy I went steady with for three years in high school.
44. I knew my first husband for six weeks.
45. Marty Robbins was singing “A White Sport Coat” when my daughter was conceived in my soon-to-be-husband-but-we-didn’t-know-it-then mother’s bed and I missed my high school graduation because I was on bedrest.
46. I decided I wanted to go bowling when I was seven months pregnant, pulled a groin muscle and was on crutches for two weeks. When I was 43 I was on crutches again for three months. I used the same crutches.
47. The first car I ever owned was a 1962 “titty pink” Ford Galaxy 500. My boyfriend bought it for me in 1972 because he was tired of picking me up.
48. We used to go to the A&W root beer stand when I was a kid, and you had to wait forever for a car-hop to serve us large mugs of root beer and “push-ups” which were like Italian ice in a wrapper.
49. As a teenager, I worked as one of those carhops – and met my high school sweetheart.
50. I’ve worked as a ward clerk in a hospital, a secretary, a personal assistant, an office manager, a regional office manager, an insurance salesman, and a computer consultant. I also sold sex toys at home parties for four years.
51. I’ve only fainted once – and it was because I put my waist length hair in a pony tail that was too tight.
52. I’ve been knocked out twice – once by a man because I came between his fist and his intended target, and once by a woman who kicked me in the head with a well placed savatte kick when she thought I was trying to mess with her husband (I wasn’t, he was - she should have kicked HIM).
53. Nudity didn't stop embarrasing me until I was 16.
54. I’ve been married three times, but just once I’d like to be married for real. Not because I have to, or because it’s responsible, or because it’s convenient.
55. I’ve never had a real wedding.
56. I’d like to work because I want to. Not because I have to, or because the boyfriend/husband lays a guilt trip on me for wanting to try something else, or because if I don’t pay half the household expenses he’ll kick me out.
57. I used to fall in love easily.
58. I don’t fall out of love easily, but hold the feelings long after the relationship is gone.
59. When the feelings are finally gone….they’re gone. I never look back.
60. Mutual respect is the #1 item on my list of gotta’ haves.
61. I love the taste of raw potatoes and salt, Hi-Ho crackers with peanut butter and grape jelly, and fresh strawberries with amaretto and cream.
62. The color blue is my favorite, but my home is buttercream, warm browns, apricot, aubergine, gold and khaki.
63. If there’s a fireplace, I want a fire.
64. If there’s a candle, I want them lit.
65. I own Waterford crystal glasses, and use them even when company isn’t coming over.
66. I’ve been to Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Amsterdam and India.
67. I want to go to Italy, Greece, the south of France, and see the Egyptian pyramids.
68. When I travel, I want to experience the history and culture first hand.
69. I could spend a week in the Louvre – every year.
70. Years ago, even when I couldn’t really afford it, I bought season tickets to the theater because it made sure I would go. Now I have tickets at The Kennedy.
71. The first play I ever saw was “Cinderella” at The Muny, the outdoor theater in St. Louis. They brought a real carriage and four horses onto the stage.
72. The first grown-up play I saw was “Marat/Sade”.
73. Chanel No. 5, Aliage, and Georgio are my preferred scents, but Mr. Lucky is allergic to scent so I put them away.
74. Give me tiger lilies, daisies, mums or daffodils over roses.
75. Weeping willow trees make me nostalgic – there was a huge one in the back yard of the house I grew up in.
76. I lived eighteen years in the same house as a child, then moved 22 times in the next twenty-five.
77. Finally having the courage to walk away from a relationship that had been over a long time is what made me realize I was ready to fall in love again.
78. When I was 16 a dog bit me in the face. I still have scars on my upper and lower lip. I sometimes wonder if people think it was a harelip.
79. I don’t like hot, spicy food.
80. Cats are better than dogs, but both of them can sleep with me at night.
81. I’d rather sleep with the windows open than the air conditioner.
82. My mother believed her children should try everything at least once. Thus, I had tap and ballet lessons as a child. And trampoline, bowling, archery, piano, flute, guitar, swimming, tennis, roller skating, and a year at a “modeling” school that taught me how to get out of a car without showing my undies.
83. I sat first chair in the high school band playing my flute.
84. I’ve been without a piano for so long my hands have lost their coordination for difficult pieces, but I can still read music and play a little.
85. My guitar is in a corner and most of its strings are broken – but I keep thinking someday I will have time to pick it up again.
86. I’ve always wished I had the partner support to work full-time as a volunteer for worthy causes. I am really good on committees.
87. When my mother died I didn’t cry.
88. When my father died, I couldn’t stop crying.
89. Someday I’m going to write a novel.
90. I still want to go to college.
91. I haven’t figured out if it’s better to know a little about a lot of things, or a lot about a few things.
92. I started biting my fingernails when I was ten, and saw my cousin do it. I stopped several years later when, on the first day of school, I noticed that a girl I hated had stopped biting hers and she had beautiful hands.
93. I smoked cigarettes from the time I was 15 until I was 34. Morgan asked me to stop for her birthday gift and I went cold turkey.
94. I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke.
95. I eat to live, not live to eat. But I absolutely love the taste and texture of food.
96. I am never warm enough in the winter, usually because I’ve never been able to afford to keep the thermostat at a comfortable setting.
97. Given a chance, I’d climb on a motorcycle and go riding.
98. I’d rather go sailing than do almost anything.
99. I’ve gotten more awards and compliments for my swing dancing than anything I’ve ever tried.
100. A kiss is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
101. I know it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

And to the one who taught me how to trust again (you know who you are) I love you.

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