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It's tourist season in NYC, and I thought I'd share some important tips.

1. Don't stand at the entrance of the subway looking at your phone to text, finish the game or update FaceBook. Move aside.
2. Stores advertisting 90% off are like "As Seen On TV" ads. They have been 90% off since opening.
3. No matter how long you stand in the middle of Broadway and 42nd Street holding your camera to your eye, you are not going to see a star. They are in the limos.
4. It's actually ok to ask a native for directions. But don't get all upset if they don't know where you are going. Most NYers aren't natives either.
5. Keep our streets clean. Honestly - why do I even need to say that.
6. Tights are not pants (altho why do I need to tell you this). Your camel toe, or that of your teenage daughter, should not be hanging out on the street or subway seat.
7. Your name is not Calvin Klein and you are not an underwear model. Pull up your pants.
8. If you are going to a nice restaurant or a Broadway event, show some respect and dress like an adult.
9. In this country we queue (stand in line). There is no need to push and push to the front or be first on the train. This is America - there's room for everyone.
10. Enjoy your stay, and join the rest of us by passing on the carriage horse rides, 24 ounce drinks and smoking in the park.

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